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It took me until the week of Christmas to finally get into the holiday spirit. I did my Christmas shopping, got my ugly Christmas sweater (shout out to 2 Chainz) and to prove I am not a ‘Grinch’ my present to y’all is Abigail Ratchford. She could be one of

It was a wild Thursday for the NFC Least. The Eagles got their taints handed to them and the Cowboys lost both the game to the undefeated Panthers and Tony Romo to another injury to his clavicle. Everything is lining up for the Giants to put a strangle hold on

I don’t know what made me happier last night, my Thanksgiving gluttony, the Lions putting up 45 points on Chip Kelly and the Eagles or the Panthers laying the smackdown on America’s Team. I think I will go with the Lions, who effectively put an end to the Eagles challenging

First and Ten Sports has covered the raging debate about daily fantasy leagues as gambling extensively (Fight the Power), but John Oliver on his HBO talk show, Last Week Tonight had an entertaining take on the latest developments. Remember, it ain’t gambling if you call it a game of skill.

It was less than a year ago when I was in the dogfight of my life trying to win our 2014-15 League Championship. I lost then and the pattern has followed me into this season. This year has been an atrocity – from RB selections such as first-round pick CJ

Talk about bad luck, not only do the Eagles lose Sam Bradford to a shoulder injury, but then they are forced to finish the game with backup Mark Sanchez. Mr. Butt Fumble himself was up to his old tricks and nearly got WR Jordan Matthews killed by DB Jamar Taylor

I love ripping the Cowboys–America’s Team my ass. If I want my country to be represented by a bunch of overpaid, underachieving children led by a senile owner who is so egotistical, he can’t get out of the way, then yes, they are America’s Team. But I haven’t bought the hype

Its good to know that there are still groups willing to fight the man. Sure, they used to be for noble causes like rallying against police brutality, equal protection under the laws, the right the vote, even the right to not be bought and sold as property. Today, we get

The days of me ‘Gettin’ It In’ are way over, my old ass just isn’t the same guy I was in my 20s. Unfortunately my fantasy team (unlike last year) is striking out almost as much as I do. This week, we are getting our fantasy advice straight from the

As a unabashed Giants fan, I love to see the Eagles and Cowboys ridiculed. Thankfully this season has given me plenty to laugh about…Greg Hardy as a team leader, Brandon Weeden as a starting QB, anytime Jerry Jones opens his mouth and Chip Kelly’s personnel choices. Tonight, both losing NFC