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You may be asking yourself, what does $60 million (estimated $58.7 million) get you in 2016. If you are that guy they interviewed prior to the January 2016 Powerball, a bunch of hookers and cocaine. If you are the New York Football Giants, it gets you a flashy new defense.

The NFL is extremely shrewd and cutthroat. As the rookie combine starts and ends in Indianapolis, teams began the process of cutting their high paid, underperforming veterans. Some of the higher profile names to get the axe last week were from the St. Louis (soon to be the LA) Rams, namely

If you haven’t heard of Jordan Carver or follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, what the hell is wrong with you? Jordan has been referred to as the eighth wonder of the world and to me, she deserves to be known as the G.O.A.T (the greatest of all-time). Michael who?

As we get ready to pig out, criticize commercials and watch Beyonce do her thing at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, our friend Lisa Ramos reminds us that the NFL is celebrating the game’s silver anniversary by teaming up with the Council of Fashion Designers of America to create 50

Welcome to Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, I used the word Super Bowl. I ain’t scared of ‘No NFL.’ Finally all the regular seasons awards have been given, all the press conferences are over, its game day. According to Odd Shark as seen on Bleacher Report, the spread is Panthers  -5.5. What’s

Its a shame there’s a two-week break between Championship Sunday and the SuperBowl. Why you may ask, too many player press conferences and too many opportunities for one statement to become a national headline. This week, it happened again. As written by the Charlotte Observer’s Jonathan Jones, Panthers QB Cam

Can I say I was surprised by Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie firing Chip Kelly with one week remaining in the regular season. Not really. Let me know if you’ve heard this one before. College coach with a lot of hype comes into the NFL with some kind of gimmick system, makes

To the readers of First and Ten Sports, thanks for the views, shares and likes. What started as an experiment and topic of conversation amongst my fantasy football league is slowly but surely growing into a legitimate sports and pop culture platform. First and Ten Sports owes everything to its

Leave it Bill Belichick to bring drama to a coin toss. In this weekend’s AFC East showdown between the Pats and Jets, after winning the toss the Patriots elected to receive. A few big plays later including passes to Enunwa, Marshall and Decker, the Jets won. I am sure the

I have to admit, when your team doesn’t make the playoffs and only won three matches, it is hard to be enthusiastic for the rest of your Fantasy Football league. But as a true journalist, it is my responsibility to report the facts. This year our winner was the Commish’s