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First up, Team Mario v. the Commish.  Both got victories in Week 1, but only one will be declared WINNER in this battle of undefeateds. According to our magic 8 balls, Craig goes 2-0 with a final score of 104-91. Richard and his dental dams goes up against Josh rolling

Quick, what do these four women have in common? Well, besides being sexy and beautiful, they are WAGs.  For the unhip, (Larry I am looking at you) WAGs are the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.  The term originated from European futbol fans and has made its way across the pond.

WR/PR Antonio Brown went full on Mortal Kombat to Spencer Lanning of the Cleveland Browns this weekend as he was returning a punt.  When asked why he did it, Brown said, he had just finished a 48 hour session of Marvel v. Capcom and wanted to use his best move

As reported by Bleacher Report, there is growing optimism that suspended Cleveland Browns wide receiver will be reinstated by the league this week. According to The Plain Dealer‘s Mary Kay Cabot.  He is a fantasy football beast, but many NFL beat reporters are still skeptical about his suspension being lifted.  Do any

During our draft, we discussed awarding a trophy to our season winner. Sure cash is nice and we put down Richard for his annual last place standing every time we see him, but IMO our league needs to commemorate victory properly.  Instead of a trophy, what about a championship belt?

Welcome to “First and Ten,” a site devoted to the #FantasyFootball league of five guys from New York.  They met in the early 90’s and have been wreaking havoc on their livers and lives ever since.  Now in its 2nd year, the league is a haven for trash talk, second