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If you weren’t aware of the historic nature of Michael Jordan’s trash-talking prowess, google it and you’ll discover he stands alone on the mountain top. Forget Larry Bird asking to a locker room of his competitors before a Three-Point Shooting Contest “who’s coming in 2nd,” this story about Jerry Stackhouse takes

Margins of victory in season long fantasy football leagues are slim and typically losing comes down to those 1 or 2 moves you didn’t make to secure victory. Here at First and Ten Sports, we celebrate those moves, especially when yours truly killed the week with 155 points. The league’s

One of the pleasures of being the lead contributor of First and Ten Sports is our dedication to finding beautiful and talented women to profile on the site. It’s not about being gratuitous or “pervy,” our work is about a sincere appreciation for women. Let’s face it, they are powerful,

Victory or defeat, covering the number or protests of the national anthem…the biggest story of each week in the NFL continues to be injuries to key players. Let’s face it, football is a combat sport and players get jacked up quicker than a degenerate gambler who owes his bookie. We

The final cut day before Week 1 of the NFL regular season usually results in some shocking moves. Given the current size of team rosters, the pressure on teams to win now and the huge salaries dedicated to top draft picks and free agents, cut day is down right cold

The Minnesota Vikings must be cursed. I blame Adrian Peterson and someone should go out and get a switch and beat him with it. Oh wait, he did that already. As the Vikings were getting ready to christen their new outdoor football stadium and with the season’s prospects on the

Tell me if you heard this story before. The Cowboys have the best offensive line in the league and a runner in the backfield who could be a game changer. If they can keep their starting QB healthy, they are poised to be title contenders. Well, it just happened again,

This week, the internet got its first look at James “The Beard” Harden’s new signature shoe from Adidas. The reviews are in and damn the Harden I ‘s are atrocious. I understand this could be a prototype and there could be some great colorways in development, but the shoe is

Early Thursday morning on the East Coast, history was made in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors eclipsed the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls’ 72 regular season wins with a 125-104 victory over the Utah Jazz. That’s quite an accomplishment and thanks to the Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s love for the number

This is the ultimate no-lose situation, Hope vs. Josefine. Not much has been written about the mysterious Hope Howard, but after one look at her stunning assets, I’m sure you’ll agree, Ms. Howard deserves a lot more ink. According to our crack research team, Howard is a International Federation of