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Watch: Liz Tran Revs Our Engines

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“Liz is the Shiz.”

Elizabeth Tran is so much more than a tuner model. The 20-year old’s heritage is Chinese and Vietnamese and grew in Alhambra, California. She considers herself, adventurous, spontaneous, and joyful. The LA-native is a huge fan of ink and currently has five tattoos and six piercings. Tran has become a bit of a gearhead, as one of the industry’s hottest models and a key personality within import culture. “Liz the Shiz,” her work nickname, told SuperStreet that her dream car is a Porsche 911 GT3. Great taste Liz.

But, be careful guys, if you plan on trying to date her she told the mag, “My first kiss was kind of nerve-racking ’cause it was something that my first boyfriend and I talked about since it wasn’t his first kiss, LOL. I was 13 at the time.” Liz expects devotion. Good luck the Shiz and we encourage you to follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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