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New Referee Uniforms Approved Unanimously By Players, League, and Fans

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Flagged for Illegal Touching.

The NFL is finally hiring referees fans could get behind. See what we did there, but seriously we are joking. Fellas, don’t get any ideas. These officials have whistles and aren’t afraid to use them. Ladies, please be careful. We don’t want you to sprain an ankle running to make a call. Also, please avoid illegal hands to the face. If the violation comes up, record and the call the cops immediately. Guys, respect referee authority at all times, especially when the officials look this hot. Notice the rhinestone accent on the model’s belt. Nice touch.


The modern black and white garment is tapered to the body to hug the referees’ amazing curves. The vertical lines create the illusion of a longer silhouette and the minimalist design allows for personal. You can pair the outfit with knee high socks with a casual boot, gold or silver jewelry, while your cleavage and legs are accentuated. Side judge number 69 (pictured below) is wearing the hell out of her uniform. Yeah that’s right, we follow fashion too.


Our last model went for a more playful look with her uniform. She opted for a bustier with feather accents, white hot pants that are paired with black and white bracelets and a baseball cap. Very hot ladies and well done.


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