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Photos: Hannah Davis is the Covergirl for All Seasons

First and Ten Sports' Woman Crush Wednesday, #WCW

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Jeter is Undefeated.

We ain’t a woman, but we’re definitely crushing on Hannah Davis. That’s why she’s FTS’ #wcw. Sports Illustrated’ 2015 Swimsuit issue features Davis on their cover with the headline, “America the Beautiful.” We certainly aren’t going to disagree with that statement. She young, gorgeous and makes our country look a lot better. But Ms. Davis has a major flaw. The former member of the Carribean National tennis team is currently dating Derek Jeter.

Athletic Love

Davis got her start in modeling because of sports. Growing up in the U.S. Virgin Islands, she played on the Carribean junior tennis circuit until she was 18. Davis told GQ Magazine in 2015,

“[I] started modeling to buy tennis rackets,” she says. “And it kiiinda grew from there.” (True-ish statement! For her pitch-ladyship with DirecTV, in which she hangs with a talking horse on some azure coastline, she made, like, 8,427 tennis rackets. And the gazillion-carat meteor on her left hand is said—by at least one person!—to have set Jeter back about 1,342 Louisville Sluggers.)

Talk about multi-talented. Could you imagine if Davis would have continued playing tennis? Between Davis, Ana Ivanovic, Caroline Wozniacki, Maria Sharapova, and Serena Williams, center court at Wimbledon could have become a runway. Oh well, the USTA’s loss is Derek Jeter’s gain. As if ‘The Captain’ needed any more good luck. The 25-year-old cover girl also gave the writers of GQ some quick tennis lessons. Enjoy.


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