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Cowboys Drama: Hardy Returns, Another Reason to Hate the Cowboys

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Worst Analogy Ever.

Greg Hardy, the controversial defensive end of the Cowboys, might be some kind of masochist. FTS’ other life is a Public Relations pro with years of crisis management work. The number one rule in crisis communications is; If you’ve been punished for a crime or an unlawful act, when you come back to the public eye–be humble and show contrition. Hardy didn’t get our memo. On Tuesday, during his first interview since the suspension, he said…


What an idiot. The NFL suspended Hardy in April for a domestic violence incident against ex-girlfriend Nicole Holder. Hardy for 10 games, but had his sentence reduced to four. Hardy’s fight with his girlfriend included pushing her onto a bed full of weapons.

Cowboy Regrets?

The former Carolina Panther signed with the Cowboys in the off-season with the full support of Jerry Jones and the coaching staff. The Cowboys staff have given Hardy a fresh start. Jones and the coaching staff may want to re-think that position. When asked about his matchup against Tom Brady, Hardy offered up this gem:


Are you f-ing kidding us? We’re am sure that Brady wants to subject his wife and sister-in-law to a violent offender. The worst part of this whole fiasco is owner Jerry Jones’ refusal to condemn Hardy and rubber stamp his behavior. In an interview with SI.com, Jones said:


Jones added about Tom and Gisele:

“When I saw him marry [Gisele], Tom went up in my eyes 100 percent,” Jones told SI.com. “She’s very very attractive, and it shows what an outstanding individual Tom is.”

Hey Jerry, shut the “F” up. In our estimation, the Cowboys are insane asylum dressed up as “America’s Team.” Hardy disgusts us thankfully Katie Nolan of FS1 and “Garbage Time” agrees with us. She went in on Hardy, the media, and, the NFL for enabling this disgusting behavior.

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