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Photos: Aylen Alvarez is Hot Stuff

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Grilling, Chillin’, and Thrilling.

Aylen Alvarez is on fire. She’s a Cuban fitness model with more than 3.2 million followers on Instagram. She is also a favorite of the hip-hop community who’s been featured in KING, Hip-Hop Models.com, and Model Mayhem. She told MM as reported by Crave, “I’m up for just about anything! I love life too much to sit around and do nothing!” What a dangerous quote and dangerous curves.

Cuban fitness model Aylen Alvarez

Alvarez born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba and began working with the ADM Celebrity Fitness Model & Talent Agency in 2005. In 2006, she tried to become a professional wrestler and was a semi-finalist in the WWE Diva contest. Mr. McMahon, why did you reject her?

The model is multi-talented. Just look at her grill. Although with her dedication to fitness and her figure, we doubt if she is eating a lot of burgers or hot dogs. FTS wishes Alvarez had better taste in NFL football teams. The 49ers, really?  Thanks to flycandy on Tumblr for introducing FTS to her. You can like her on Facebook and Twitter. Wish her good luck on her future projects.

Aylen Alvarez | Crave.com


Aylen Alvarez | Fitness Model
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