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Browns’ QB Conundrum: Hoyer or Manziel is more like Finkle or Einhorn

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Two QBs Means You Have None.

Mike Pettine, the Browns Head Coach has a problem. It’s the problem that most losing teams face–horrible QB play. Pettine’s choice of starter is really no choice at all. Brian Hoyer, the current Browns’ starter has struggled. So much so that he was benched in the fourth quarter of the team’s Week 13 loss to Buffalo. Then there’s Johnny Money Manziel. Manziel is a rookie, who arrived late to camp and doesn’t have a full grasp of the Browns playbook or the NFL. Pundits will call this a quarterback controversy, but we call it the lesser of two evils.

USA TODAY Sports’ NFL writers discussed the Browns QB situation and the other biggest storylines from Week 13.

FTS has its own opinion about the Browns. You know what you get in Brian Hoyer. He is a serviceable backup quarterback that can lead your team in emergencies. Hoyer is not a long-term solution. In terms of Manziel, he has potential but several shortcomings. Money is short and yes, we did just use a pun. Manziel doesn’t have a huge armand didn’t play in a pro-style offense at Texas A&M. We don’t think Johnny Football will succeed in the league, but we do like the model he is allegedly hooking up with, Lauren Hanley.

Either way, Pettine and the Browns are screwed. If you don’t get the headline reference, go re-watch Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and get a sense of humor.


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