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Rule # 1 of Fantasy Sports…

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Just like Fight Club.

Total Frat Move scored a touchdown with their recent post, “The Guys in Your Fantasy Football League.” The writers must have planted cameras at our draft because they were dead on with their descriptions of league members. Most importantly, the JParks (the writer) taught us the most important rule of fantasy sports. Remember owners, “the number one unspoken rule of fantasy football is no one gives a shit about your fantasy team, so don’t talk about your team.”

Who’s the Man

Does this sound familiar? The Commish of your league will ask thirty times between now and Week 17, “Hey, do you have the buy-in money yet? To second guy in your league is the ‘Matthew Berry Wannabe.’ We don’t care how many mock drafts you’ve done, or how picking Randy Moss in the 15th round makes you the fantasy equivalent of Danny Ocean. The rest of your league includes ‘The Dick Joker,’ ‘The Guy No One Knows,’ and the ‘Token Hot Girl.’

Broncos’ RB C.J. Anderson had the perfect reaction to reports that he was a fantasy bust…

“I don’t go to other people’s jobs and tell them: ‘Hey, you (stink). You’re trash,’” Anderson said, referencing the grief he’s caught. “You can sit me for 17 weeks. It would not bother me one bit. I don’t care,” said Anderson. “I saw something on ESPN: ‘Is C.J. Anderson a fantasy bust?’ I wish I could call ESPN and say: ‘Tell them to drop me. … Every owner can drop me.’”

For more advice and a breakdown of the typical guys in your league, read the full article at Total Frat Move. By the way Commish, you got our fee, so shut the “F” up.

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