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Fantasy League Standings, Week 5 (2015-16)

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League Name Too Vulgar to Print

Joel “El Sicario” Velez continues his unbeaten streak and according to an exclusive sit down with First and Ten Sports.com on Saturday night, Velez is attributing his early success to picking up Big Ben as his starting QB off waivers. Team Marin dropped Roethlisberger in order to pick up Phillip Rivers as his QB 1. Has the move worked out? Take a look:

[team_standings 3072]


Player for player, Team Marin made the smart move. Rivers is averaging 19.3 fantasy points a week, while Ben (who is currently injured since week 4) is averaging 8.8. Unfortunately, while the QB move has worked out, Team Marin continues to struggle at 1-4. Even when he recently tied, he lost in a tiebreaker. Team Brandi is bringing up the rear and is winless, while Team Rich and Vega have identical records in their respective divisions at 3-2 in other league news.


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