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Fantasy Football Tips: Heroes to Zeroes, Week 8

These are the playas you need to avoid Week 8.

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You Will Be Left Unsatisfied.

Week 8 in the N.F.L., which began on Thursday night with the Ravens defeating the Dolphins, includes six teams with byes. So GMs–it’s time to make some moves. But be careful, instead of recommending whom will “Get it In,” we debut FTS’s Hero to Zero column. These are the NFL players to avoid if you care about winning. We will compare our advised picks against SI.com. The good news is the Giants will definitely not lose this week. Big Blue finally has their bye week.


DeShaun Watson (Texans) at the Seattle Seahawks

Watson is making the Texans front office looks like geniuses. The rookie signal-caller from Clemson has a league-high 15 touchdowns. Plus, Watson has thrown at least three TDs per game over the last for the last three weeks. Sports Illustrated notes, “Watson…the four units against which he has looked like a star—the Patriots, Titans, Chiefs, and Browns—rank 30th, 23rd, 22nd, and 31st, respectively in quarterback aFPA.”

But, the Seahawks are a top ten defense overall, 11th in passing, and second in Adjust Fantasy Points Allowed (aFPA). FTS saw the Legion of Boom first-hand against the Giants in Week 7. We expect the rookie QB to struggle against the Seahawks’ aggressive defensive schemes.

Our Pick:

Alex Smith (Home) versus the Denver Broncos

The Broncos are the number rated defense in the league for good reason.


Running Backs

Latavius Murray at the Browns (London)

You might be thinking, ‘FTS, what the hell are you smoking, it’s the Browns.’ But, while the team hasn’t figured out its QB situation again, Cleveland does have a stout run defense. The most yardage the defense has given up in a week is 66 yards rushing. Plus they’ve only allowed two rushing touchdowns.

Our Pick:

Jordan Howard (Bears) at the Saints

Don’t laugh, the Saints have slowly improved on defense. Brees and crew have a distinct home-field advantage in the Superdome thanks to the crowd noise. We expect rookie QB Mitchell Trubisky to struggle and the Bears to fall behind. This should limit Howard’s carries and his ability to get into the end zone.

Wide Receivers

Mohamed Sanu at the New York Jets

SI notes, “Sanu’s 10 targets in a game where the Falcons scored seven points, and were nearly held scoreless, against what had been one of the worst defenses in the league (Week 7 loss to the Patriots) is an indictment of the receiver, not an endorsement.” While Sanu may get 7-10 targets on a normal week, he is simply not scoring enough points in PPR leagues and certainly not in standard scoring leagues.

Our Pick:

Michael Crabtree (Raiders) at the Buffalo Bills

FTS expects the Raiders to struggle on the road, but if the passing game does compile any points Derek Carr will connect with Amari Cooper. Last week, Cooper is coming off a 210-yard, two touchdown performance against the Chiefs. The Raiders offensive scheme seems intent on re-establishing Cooper as their number one receiving threat.

To recap our Hero to Zero picks, Alex Smith vs. the Broncos, Jordan Howard at the Saints and Michael Crabtree at the Buffalo Bills.

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