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FFL: Dumbass Fantasy Move of the Week, 1st Weekend (2015-16)

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What Are You, A Moron?

Is there any way to plead the fifth in a fantasy football league? Team Marin made the ‘Dumbass Move of the Week.’ Team Owner Pablo left 24 points on his bench. If he had started RB Darren Sproles and TE Jordan Reedhe would have won his Week 1 matchup. Team Marin is having a rough fantasy season. He received a “C-” on his draft and lost his opening day matchup. Pablo better start taking some smart pills.

Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

24 is Painful

With the breakout success of Jack Bauer as a counter-terrorist agent, “24” has become synonymous with the high-intensity Fox drama. As Bauer said on Day 7 of the binge-worthy television series, “I’ve made so many mistakes… and I always thought I’d have time to correct them!” Team Marin really hopes he has time to correct his draft and lineup errors before its too late.


In the meantime, the ultimate league trash talker will have to walk away with his tails between his legs. ‘Damn, damn, damn.’

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