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Photos: Bikinis Love the Figure of Emily Ratajkowski

Like Helena of Troy, literary works will be written about the timeless beauty of Emily Rajatkowski

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It’s incredible that one video has catapulted Emily Ratajkowski from unknown to a worldwide phenomenon. Her fame may also be attributable to how perfectly bikinis fit on the curves of Emily Ratajkowski. Instyle interviewed the Los Angeles resident looking back at how she’s become this year’s “it” girl and what makes her tick. Rajatkowski broke into the mainstream cavorting around with Robin Thicke, T.I, and Pharrell Williams in the video for the 2013’s smash “Blurred Lines.” Instyle noted that even today, drunken young men still approach Ratajkowski in bars and quote the line, “You the hottest bitch in this place!” From there, high-profile movie roles and modeling shoots were happening every hour. Let’s get to know Ms. Rajatkowski better.

Sports Illustrated

Cosmopolitan Bikini Cover Model

Born in London, Rajatkowski is of British, German, Polish, and Jewish ancestry. F&TS head loves Eastern European women, especially Poles. No wonder he is such a fan. She grew up outside San Diego, CA, and started modeling at 14. Rajatkowski has become an outspoken advocate for women embracing their own sexuality and power. A Vogue magazine article said, “Having grown up in a progressive household, Ratajkowski is very comfortable with nudity, and is unafraid of baring it all for the camera—especially for a compelling role. “I’m not worried about nudity,” she has told the New York Times. “I’d rather play a complex character who has a love scene than a stupid girl who’s just a girl next door.” She can be seen in the David Fincher directed film “Gone Girl” starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike.

Emily Rajatkowski | Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Issue

Director Joe Swanberg, who’s worked with Ratajkowski said to Instyle, “Emily knows exactly what she’s doing. As long as she keeps making her own choices, she’s going to be fine.”

Sports Illustrated 2014 Swimsuit Issue

So You’re Saying There’s a Chance

Sorry fellas, as much as we would like to help you date Rajatkowski, she’s in a serious relationship with music producer Jeff Magid. Lucky bastard. F&TS story images are courtesy of GQ and Sports Illustrated. Ms. Rajatkowski, congratulations on all your success and level-headedness. Bikinis look amazing on Emily Rajatkowski, but we’re sure pretty much any stitch of clothing would be accentuated by her world-class beauty. F&TS wishes you the best as you move on to your next opportunities.

Emily Rajatkowski | Fall 2014
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