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WTF! Chiefs Ford Runs Away from Gore

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A Gore > A Ford.

Apparently, 49ers RB Frank Gore is such a badass, he scares defenders. Rookie Chiefs LB Dee Ford had an angle on the former Hurricane on his off-tackle run during Sunday’s Niners vs KC game. Instead, Ford took one look at Gore and high tailed his ass outta there. Was it “a lag time” error on Madden? Did Ford see a beautiful woman in the stands, or maybe he had to go to the bathroom? Who knows, but it was hysterical.

Head Coach Andy Reid told the media on Monday, “Yeah, he probably thought it was a play action there, at least that’s the way it looked,” Reid said. “I haven’t had the chance to talk to him…, but I know it probably didn’t look the best, but listen, he did some good things too. He’ll look back on that one say and I’m sure he’d say the same thing you’re saying, what was I doing?”

Ford reacted to the play on Twitter, “Terrible play… Unacceptable…. Watch how I respond…!” Thanks to the C’Mon channel on YouTube for the ESPN Monday Night Countdown Week 5 segment that included the Gore play.


Turns out, Ford has an unorthodox approach to tackling and defending. In a pre-season game against the Panthers in August, Ford was in a pass coverage and rather than tackle, he ended up hugging the receiver. Chiefs fans hope the rookie becomes more aggressive during the season.

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