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Ask any red-blooded Instagrammer who is Jen Selter and they will immediately be able to answer. In terms of popularity and assets, its hard to argue that Ms. Selter isn’t one of social media’s biggest stars, but we at First and Ten Sports strive to stay ahead of the curve

There’s a reasons why the origin of the word “fan” is fanatic. In the latest episode of taking your sport fandom too far, Seahawks fans have started a GoFundMe to break up Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and his gorgeous girlfriend, R&B singer Ciara. As reported by the ForTheWin blog of USA

As Summer turns to Fall in the Northeast, we need to hold on to as many reminders of warmer temperatures as possible. So thank heaven for Lisa Morales. According to her official bio, Lis is a TV Personality, Host, Model, Brand Ambassador, Philanthropist, and Fitness Mentor.  Featured in some of the

Wow, fandom comes in all shapes and sizes and thankfully these are some of the beautiful shapes to behold. Thanks to The Chive for the feature. Great job and if you don’t visit the Chive and follow them on social media…well there is no helping you.

When a team owner puts up 144 points in Week 1, is going to notice. And when Joel’s team logo is the lovely Aisha Thalia, you are going to be profiled on one of our most popular features on the site, Money Maker Monday. Congrats to Team Velez and

Give it up for Sultry Cyndie, a loyal New York Giants fan, college graduate, veteran of the U.S. Army and self-professed “Jersey Girl.” Cyndie is a magazine favorite and judging from her Instagram feed and videos, we can see why. As a fellow Big Blue fan, thanks for the love

Her Figure Could Launch a Thousand Ships Fantasy Football is back and as a league, we select beautiful women to profile and who serve as inspiration for our teams. It was a tradition we started last year and if it ain’t broke, we don’t try to fix it. Team Marin’s

It’s an exciting time in sports. March Madness kicked off, the boys of summer are getting ready in spring training and there’s even a mega fight in boxing. The matchup no one thought would happen is a reality – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is on for Saturday May 2 in Las Vegas.

Many of my fantasy football brethren are “proud” alumni of the University of Buffalo and supporters of their teams. So First and Ten proudly congratulates the Bulls making the “Big Dance” for the first time in its history. The Bulls are the 12th seed in the Midwest and will play on

I may not be a woman, but I am definitely crushing on Hannah Davis. She is the 2015 Sports Illustrated cover model, she’s gorgeous, but unfortunately, Hannah is dating Derek Jeter. That means she is taken, which is not a deal breaker, but shows she has bad taste in men and sports