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One of the biggest takeaways from Week 2 besides the penalties, was the plethora of injuries to franchise players and fantasy football darlings. Here’s a short list of who went down.  Stayed tuned to 1st and Ten for updates as they become available. Jamaal Charles photo courtesy of SB Nation and

It’s not Antonio Brown kicking the crap out of the Browns punter, but props to Chris Conte of the Bears for this sick INT of Colin Kaepernick that helped Chicago erase a 17 point deficit on the road.  

We are proud to announce that two veteran pundits have joined our staff, Mike Hunt and Dick Burns. Mike is OC native who will provide us expert analysis and insider information from all things on the West Coast. Dick Burns grew up in New Jersey and let’s just say he

In a rare occurrence, three of the Boldin Beautiful league owners watched 49ers and Bears on Sunday night in place. Josh and Rich, you are wusses, you should have been there. Our reaction to the first half…, STOP THE  F-ING FLAG MADNESS! The first half was the longest 30 minutes

The Boldin Beautiful fantasy league includes life long NY Giants fans and one bastard 49ers fan, so in anticipation of week 2, we are saluting our incredibly hot fans. Who said football is only for guys? According to the L12S blog out of Seattle, the NFL’s data shows that 44%

  The NFL is starting to look more like Rikers Isle on a Friday night.  Once again, a starting RB is in trouble with the law.  As reported by TMZ, Vikings All-Pro Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse.  Allegedly he disciplined his son with a tree branch or as

It has been a tumultuous week for the NFL, so there are plenty of story lines to follow and players to watch. Players who could put up big numbers: Andrew Luck v. the Eagles – Eagles struggle on defense, especially with wide receivers.  Could be a big day for Reggie

Yes, while the First and Ten blog definitely appreciates women’s figures, we don’t do it to objectify the fairer sex. We post to show our appreciation and celebrate a woman’s beauty. Thankfully, I am good friends with most of the wives/girlfriends/fiancees of our league members and they are incredible mothers,

First up, Team Mario v. the Commish.  Both got victories in Week 1, but only one will be declared WINNER in this battle of undefeateds. According to our magic 8 balls, Craig goes 2-0 with a final score of 104-91. Richard and his dental dams goes up against Josh rolling

Quick, what do these four women have in common? Well, besides being sexy and beautiful, they are WAGs.  For the unhip, (Larry I am looking at you) WAGs are the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.  The term originated from European futbol fans and has made its way across the pond.