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Image Source: Getty / Kevin C. Cox via PopSugar  Haters going to hate I took off my sports reporter hat on Sunday and was an unabashed Atlanta Falcons fan. I didn’t want to see the New England Patriots win a fifth Super Bowl championship. So by halftime, I was in

Creating A More Beautiful Game Yes, I know the big NFL game is on February 5 and by 11:30 PM EST we should know if the Falcons or Patriots won. The pre-game hype and Media Day have become as important to the game to most fans. Sports journalist Ines Sainz

Odell Needs to “Cojelo Con Take it Easy.”  2016 was a tumultuous season for Beckham Jr. Granted, he is one of the most talented receivers in the league, if not the most dangerous, but “ya basta.” First came blow ups on the sidelines and “Netgate,” then there was some great production,

Turn off the lights, the party is over It’s officially the end of an era; long time ESPN on-air personality Chris Berman has left the building. If you grew up in the 90s, NFL Primetime was must watch television. The chemistry between hosts Chris Berman, Tom Jackson correspondents such as Jon Saunders and

Recovering from a Loss. Our team sh&t the bed and got our backsides’ handed to us by Team “don’t call me the “Kiss of Death,” Vega in week 3, but we are taking it in stride. So far, Week 4 is off to a better start as our first round draft

New City, Same Drama The wives and girlfriends of professional athletes (WAGS) are taking over another city. This time the drama is going down in Miami, Florida. The show premieres on E! on October 2. WAGS Miami will show up on your DVR if you’re in a committed relationship. As

Wide Receiver Against Corner. One of the most anticipated player matchups of the season will take place on Sunday at 1:00 PM EST when Josh Norman and Washington play the New York Giants and star receiver Odell Beckham Jr. This week, it was reported by Britt McHenry of ESPN that Norman

It Can Get Early Late It’s very early in the fantasy football season, but this is a competition, so there will be winners and losers. Trust me, I would love to print the names of this year’s league and team, but there is NSFW and then there’s us. Our team

I get it, fashion is subjective. Professional athletes are wearing crazy outfits in order to go viral. However Mr. Newton, what were you thinking with that hat? The trend towards vintage, old-fashioned or the times of yore is just ridiculous and out of hand. Why would a dual threat QB

Hate to Brag. This is a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to my competition. You can do some research or give me the fantasy football trophy now. I could be happy to sit back on the 155 points I earned in week one, but I’m trying to help out the public.