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Looks Ain’t Everything, They’re the Only Thing. This week, the internet got its first look at James “The Beard” Harden’s new signature shoe from Adidas. The reviews are in and the sentiment is the  Harden I ‘s are atrocious. I understand this could be a prototype and there could be

NBA History Made in Utah. Early Thursday morning on the East Coast, history was made in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors eclipsed the ’95-96 Chicago Bulls’ 72 regular season wins with a 125-104 victory over the Utah Jazz. The Warriors’ achievement is impressive and really explains Sheldon’s love of the number

NBA Bloopers Don’t Get Old I have to say, the Inside the NBA team may have got too ‘turnt up’ getting ready for All-Star weekend in Toronto. Ernie, Shaq, Kenny and Sir Charles’ energy levels for Episode 13 were low. They need the break more than the NBA players. As always,

Derek Fisher, He Gone. The New York Knicks have fired head coach Derek Fisher in a somewhat surprising move. Fisher led the Knicks to 23-31 record this season and won a total of 17 games in 2015. The win total was a franchise low. The Knicks were in the midst

The Hilarity Ensues I missed a few weeks of Shaqtin’ A Fool, but thankfully, we are back to share the five best fails from the NBA. Matthew Dellavedova defensive instincts have officially gone overboard. First, he’s taking players out at their knees. Next, he is leaving his man to guard

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Bad Haircuts Take it from someone who’s had bad haircuts, when they go wrong, you will be ridiculed mercilessly. But I have to say, the trolling of Dirk Nowitzki on Twitter is just wrong. It’s made worse that the funniest reactions are coming from his Mavericks teammates.

Star Player vs. Head Coach, Player Wins Again We wanted to let the dust to settle before reacting to the David Blatt firing by the Cavaliers. Bottom line, it’s sucks and the blame should rest squarely on the shoulders of LeBron “King” James. Recap of the Drama Cavs’ GM David

Number One Draft Pick, Not Exactly The Inside the NBA crew is back reviewing the NBA fails of the week. TNT’s weekly Thursday night segment has become must-see streaming. Give it up for former number 1 draft pick Andrea Bargnani. Not only did he trick the Toronto Raptors into paying him

Everything is Bigger in Dallas Episode 6 of Shaqtin a Fool brings us the 2015-16 debut of JaVale McGee, now with the Dallas Mavericks. He must have been the consolation prize for Mark Cuban after missing out on DeAndre Jordan. Honestly, we feel bad for him. JaVale’s got amazing talent,

Episode 5 The Inside the NBA crew is back reviewing the NBA fails of the week. TNT’s weekly Thursday night segment has become the highlight of their game coverage and this week, we got a treat. The Big Aristotle was on a break and Kenny Smith took over hosting duties, with