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To the Victor Goes the Spoils We have to admit, when your team doesn’t make the playoffs and only won three matches, it is hard to be enthusiastic for the rest of your Fantasy Football league. But as true journalists, we are responsible to report the facts. Deep Space Nine

Manning and Giants Expected to Score Big. Thursday night was wild in the NFC ‘Least.’ The Eagles got their taints handed to them. The Cowboys lost both the game to the Panthers and QB Tony Romo to another injury to his clavicle. Everything is lining up for the Giants and Eli

It’s Gambling Moron. First and Ten Sports has covered the debate about daily fantasy leagues extensively. But we have to admit, John Oliver on  Last Week Tonight had an entertaining and comprehensive take on the latest developments in the debate. Remember, it ain’t gambling if you call it a game

One Word…Suckage Just last year, First and Ten Sports’ fantasy team was in a dog fight to win 2014-15 League Championship. Our team lost and the losing has continued into this season. Our team has been garbage. It started on draft night. We drafted CJ Anderson as our RB1 and have

Sanchez Doesn’t Care about his Teammates Talk about bad luck. The Eagles had already lost Sam Bradford to a shoulder injury and were forced to finish the game with backup Mark Sanchez. Mr. Butt Fumble himself was up to his old tricks. On a 3rd and 7 out pass Sanchez nearly

NYS AG Declares It’s Time to Pay Up. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has sent a cease and desist letter to the two most popular daily fantasy sports platforms. DraftKings and FanDuel are now barred from taking any new entries in New York. Schneiderman’s inquiry found that daily fantasy

Gingers Can Score. The days of First and Ten Sports ‘Gettin’ It In’ are over. We aren’t 20 anymore. Unfortunately, our fantasy team (unlike last year) is striking out almost as much as we do. This week, we are getting our fantasy advice straight from the horse’s mouth, Michael Fabiano

Its a strange time in Fantasy Football land, the Arizona Cardinals, Ravens, Lions, Chiefs and Seahawks all have byes-leaving fantasy owners scrambling to adjust their rosters. For my teams, I was forced to pick up two new defenses and kickers, not to mention a replacement RB for the injured Le’Veon

I have come to trust Nick Mensio of Rotoworld and his weekly player projections. Too bad I absolutely butchered my draft and the waiver wire hasn’t helped me much either. Now I also find out that Dion Lewis, RB for the Patriots is out this week with an ab injury.

League Name Too Vulgar to Print Joel “El Sicario” Velez continues his unbeaten streak and according to an exclusive sit down with First and Ten on Saturday night, Velez is attributing his early success to picking up Big Ben as his starting QB off waivers. Team Marin dropped Roethlisberger in