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I’m Sorry Son, It’s Over. The final cut day before Week 1 of the NFL regular season usually results in some shocking moves. Given the current size of team rosters, the pressure on teams to win now and the huge salaries dedicated to top draft picks and free agents, cut

Can’t Catch a Break I blame Adrian Peterson for Minnesota’s horrible luck.  Starting QB Teddy Bridgewater suffered a horrific knee injury at Tuesday’s team practice, as the team prepared to debut their new outdoor stadium. Scary Injury Bridgewater dislocated his kneecap and completely tore his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The

Tony, Time to Call it a Career Tell me if you heard this story before. The Cowboys have the best offensive line in the league and a running back who could be a game changer. If they can keep their starting QB healthy, they are title contenders. Well, that QB

Jets seem to be Crushing on RGIII Before I get accused of making a bad joke about African-American’s supposed love of chicken, my headline refers to free agent QB Robert Griffin III’s visit to the New York Jets ON Friday night. East Coast First and Ten Sports correspondent Dick Burns reported

Your Defense is Offensive. What does $60 million buy in 2016? If you’re that guy they interviewed prior to the January 2016 Powerball, a bunch of hookers and cocaine. If you’re the New York Football Giants, it gets you a flashy new defense. Trust us, the team needed it. Spending Recap

It’s Not You, It’s Me. The NFL is a shrewd and cutthroat business. As the rookie combine come to a close in Indianapolis, teams will begin to cut their high paid and underperforming veterans. DE Chris Long, LB James Laurinaitis, and TE Jared Cook were cut by the St. Louis

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Bad Haircuts Take it from someone who’s had bad haircuts, when they go wrong, you will be ridiculed mercilessly. But I have to say, the trolling of Dirk Nowitzki on Twitter is just wrong. It’s made worse that the funniest reactions are coming from his Mavericks teammates.

Another Head Coach Bites the Dust. Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie surprised no one and today, fired head coach Chip Kelly with one week remaining in the season. NFL insiders and SBNation reported that Kelly was fired because he refused to give up his player personnel role. Lurie hadn’t finalized a decision on Kelly last

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Too Smart For Their Own Good Bill Belichick can’t help himself, he even brings drama to a coin toss. In this weekend’s AFC East showdown between the Pats and Jets, after winning the overtime toss, the Patriots decided to kick off. Jets made a few big plays in a short amount