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Photos: Bella Gonzalez is a Real Knockout

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Bella Means Beautiful

It’s an exciting time in sports. March Madness kicked off, the boys of summer are getting ready for spring training and there’s even a mega fight in boxing. The matchup no one thought would happen is a reality – Pacquiao vs. Mayweather is on for Saturday, May 2 in Las Vegas. But enough with all this sports talk…the real knockout is Cubana Bella Gonzalez, model, actress and former (?) girlfriend of boxer Shane Mosley.

Gonzalez is much more than just a boxer’s girlfriend. She gave an interview to XXLMag.com in 2011 when she was 21. She said:

“The reason why it’s never been me put out there as, “I’m Shane’s girlfriend, I’m Shane’s girlfriend” is because that’s not what I’m trying to come out with. I do a lot of different things. It doesn’t have to be that this is who I’m with and this is why you should know me. You should know me because my name is Bella – I do modeling, I’m getting into acting and this is why you should know me. I’m in a relationship because we care about each other. But at the end of the day, I don’t want people Googling Sugar Shane Mosley’s girlfriend Bella. I want to be Bella.”

Well, it looks like ‘being Bella’ means hooking up with Mr. “Steal Your Girl” himself, Trey Songz. Tough loss champ.

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