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Superbowl Sunday: 5 Tips To Make Sure Your SB Party Ain’t Lame

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America’s Unofficial Holiday

The 17-week NFL regular season and playoffs are finally over. We finally know the two teams that will play on Super Bowl Sunday. You and your friends have decided to get to watch the big game. So, will you make sure the party is ‘lit.’ FTS is here to help. We cover the NFL, gambling, and fantasy sports extensively and we’re are great party guest. FTS’ head writer has blacked out and some of the greatest parties ever, so here are our Five Tips to Make Sure Your SB Kicks Ass.

1. Top Shelf Booze


The Super Bowl is the granddaddy of football parties so plan accordingly. Avoid the bargain suitcases of Bud, Coors or Miller. Break out some craft beer, Innis & Gunn, IPAs or even better, imported beers. Our tips for a smooth tasting brew is preference is German wheat beers like Ayinger Brau Weisse, Aventinus, or Belgian Whites.

Ayinger Brau Weisse


To class up your party, you can avoid the beer altogether and go with a high-end bourbon. Hipsters love it and so do we. We recommend Hudson Baby Bourbon, Maker’s Mark, or Bulleitt.

Tuthilltown Spirits LLC

For the Ladies

Remember, the Super Bowl is a pop culture phenomenon, not just a game. Lovely ladies are encouraged to join in the festivities and are always welcome. A signature cocktail or lighter drink should be available. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a sommelier to pick a good wine. For reds, keep it simple, an affordable Cabernet Sauvignon or French Bordeaux. For whites, a good Chardonnay. If wine ain’t your thing – here is a recipe for Raspberry Gin Rickey from Bon Appetit magazine.

2. BYOA – Bring your own Appetizers

Encourage your friends to bring an appetizer, snack or favorite dessert. It makes your party interactive and takes a lot of pressure off the host. Handheld foods make the best choices. So stock up on pot stickers, chicken wings, pigs in a blanket with dipping sauces, and for ethnic food lovers, empanadas.

3. Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M

Super Bowl Sunday needs prop bets. Keep it to low stakes that won’t break the bank. You can bet on the coin toss, over/under on the number of deflated balls references, who breaks the seal first, will Marshawn Lynch grab his balls, over/under of E.D. commercials and whether Katy Perry disses Taylor Swift during halftime. Have fun with it.

4. Comfy Seating

An NFL game typically lasts 3.5 hours, but Super Bowl Sunday last forever. So your ass will need good seating. Pick your seat early, but make sure to get up a few times to stretch and keep your blood circulating. The movement will help you digest the nearly 1,800 calories the average American eats on Super Bowl Sunday.


5. Good Friends and Cookie Pie

FTS has some of the best friends in the world, so we’re lucky our Super Bowl Sunday party has become an annual tradition. Plus, we always have cookie pie as the dessert, as long as Larry doesn’t get anywhere near the oven.

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